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Home Remedy for Deep Skin Cracks Around Nails

There are many reasons that cause skin cracks on your hands and especially around your nails- such as hard work that requires you to lift weight or touch harsh chemical, cold weather and so on- but important is for you to cove these cracked skin because it’s not healthy and at times it gets painful as well as unattractive for the eye. Here are some steps you can take to get rid of skin cracks on your hands and nails:


Step 1: In a small bowl- that can fit your hand- pour some water until it gets warm; add just a few tablespoon of olive oil.

Step 2: with a fork-or whatever you find suitable- mix the water and oil together.

Step 3: soak your fingers as well as the hands if you have cracked skin developed on your hands also and keep it there for about 20—25 minutes each hand.

Step 4: with a clean towel dry your hands gently without washing the water solution off.

Step 5: apply moisturizer on your hands and especially on the affected areas

Step 6:  if you do this process before you sleep, make sure you wear cotton gloves during the night to keep your hands soft and keep the solution on your hands during the night for a better effect.

A Nail-Friendly Diet

Lack of vitamins sometimes lead to cracked skin, and if you are aware that you don’t take the right amount of vitamins you should, then consider eating more fruits and vegetable; a healthy diet means healthy skin- therefore don’t neglect this step if you know that you are having a poor diet.

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